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The RTK Network that Miller Sales offers uses the highest accuracy available in GPS technology.  It combines GPS satellite data with a ground station to broadcast a correction via a cellular data connection.  The increased accuracy is possible because the ground station is broadcasting from an area within miles of the rover; therefore the conditions of the two are virtually the same negating accuracy compromising differences in the atmosphere.  With this technology it is possible to achieve sub-inch pass-to-pass accuracy and year-to-year repeatability.

Miller Sales has solutions to cover all types of Displays - Ag Leader, Trimble, Case and JD and we can cover the state of Nebraska and parts of Kansas.  Call us today for more information at 402-989-5355

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RTK Options

RTK Options   List Price
- Option A 
Modem for cellular connection  
Annual RTK Plan  
 - Option B
 Cellular connection using Tablet or Phone (seperate device recommended so voice call is not interupted)  
Bluetooth Device (connects tablet/phone to RTK receiver)  
 Annual RTK Plan  


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