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With so much technology now available to every piece of equipment, GPS ties into almost every operation on the farm.  GPS technology makes farming much more accurate, GPS saves money by placing seed exactly where it should be.  It reduces seed, fertilizer and chemical usage and increases yield by putting these inputs in the right place.  It can also frustrate users when it doesn't work the way we want it too!  The free waas signal cannot always provide the accuracy we need for certain operations.  When using planter clutches or electric drives for example - waas can shift which can cause gaps or overlaps if not corrected manually.  To make this technology work its best without these issues, a good reliable GPS signal is required.  



The RTK Network that Miller Sales offers uses the highest accuracy available in GPS technology.  It combines GPS satellite data with a ground station to broadcast a correction via a cellular data connection.  The increased accuracy is possible because the ground station is broadcasting from an area within miles of the rover; therefore the conditions of the two are virtually the same negating accuracy compromising differences in the atmosphere.  With this technology it is possible to achieve sub-inch pass-to-pass accuracy and year-to-year repeatability.

Miller Sales has solutions to cover all types of Displays - AG LEADER, TRIMBLE, CASE AND JOHN DEERE and we can cover the state of Nebraska and parts of Kansas.  Call us today for more information at 402-989-5355


  • 1" repeatable accuracy
  • No Satellite Drift - utilize your equipment to the fullest - planter shutoffs, fertilizer shutoffs steering, and more all work better and save you inputs by providing better accuracy.
  • Cell based RTK eliminates losing RTK when in a low spot or area with poor line of sight of radio connection.


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  Miller Sales has a network to cover all types of Displays - Ag Leader, John Deere, Case IH and Trimble.  We cover the state of Nebraska and parts of Kansas.  Call us today for more information at 402-989-5355





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